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Pattern Book to Guide Changes in Mount Rainier

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The Prince George’s County Planning Department recently released the Mount Rainier Pattern Book as part of an effort to ensure additions, major renovations, new infill housing, and development respect the historic context, architectural character, and scale of Mount Rainier’s established neighborhoods.

As a typical example of a late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century streetcar suburb, Mount Rainier is recognized for its historic and architectural value. In 1990, a large portion of the city was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The book serves as a resource for the community, homeowners, architects, contractors and builders, design review committee members, municipal reviewers, elected officials, and others interested in the history of Mount Rainier. Its purpose is to illuminate local building skills and traditions that abounded during the city’s early history and help Mount Rainier sustain the harmony and character of its buildings within their unique context.

Mount Rainier has a rich architectural tradition and a strong sense of community. These are reflected in the diverse and unique-to-the-city houses and neighborhoods. The architectural styles of the houses vary from lot to lot, block to block, and street to street across Mount Rainier but follow development patterns highlighted in the Pattern Book. In recent years, there has been an increase in renovations and additions across the city, which can be attributed to the aging of the housing stock and the desire by many to live in or continue living in the neighborhood. With the increase in construction, homeowners have sometimes had difficulty finding a locally focused resource for builders, architects, and materials that match the original aesthetic and detail of their houses.

In response to a desire in Mount Rainier to protect and maintain its architectural character, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) commissioned this pattern book in partnership with the City of Mount Rainier. This book provides the community with information as they remodel, repair, build anew, and expand their houses in hopes of preserving the quality and charm of Mount Rainier’s neighborhoods. This book will assist residents to design and build in a way that is consistent with the traditional Mount Rainier style and patterns.

Find the complete pattern book here.

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